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Pillar 6 - Infused Transfer (ABA Best Practices)


Training Loosely

                 Means to Vary the training examples among different settings and people/trainers at RISE.


Our patients will encounter various training rooms.  Patients work toward earning an end of week terminal reinforcer, a “Friday fun time”.  RISE staff work like a team and are rotated, thus patients encounter multiple trainers.



Multiple Exemplar Training

              Means to use multiple and similar examples of things in the environment. 

EG: Multiple Examples of Red. Red comes in various forms and has various meanings.  Red = appears on a stop sign and means for us to halt.  Red = represents an emotion (anger).  Red = a financial condition ("in the red”).  Red comes in various shades.

These Infused Transfers are important because they:

·         Are BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) ABA “Best Practices”

·         Are Consistent with Natural Environment Training (NET), meaning:

o    Realistic and natural environment is being captured. 

o    Child is exposed to a realistic experience versus a laboratory or specific or controlled experience.

o    Avoids developing "robotic" appearing response.

·         Replicate the real world for better preparation for a realistic social setting.

o    Such as school where they will encounter multiple teachers, other school staff, numerous peers.

o    Such as work where they will encounter multiple bosses, varied coworkers, public, unmotivating rules, and sudden changes.

o    Such as in a community where they will encounter multiple authorities.

·         Break rigid behaviors vs reinforcing those behaviors.

·         Develop self-management tools to tolerate multiple conditions, people, and environments.

  • Avoid change trauma. 
    • Builds an expectation and tolerance for change and transition in trainers, parapro’s and to different classrooms teachers or substitute teachers, etc.
    • Staff changes will be routine, so when they happen, they will feel natural and ‘ok’ vs traumatizing.
  • Provide a protection against lapses and training losses in service, which is important to ensuring your full ABA prescription is accessible and deliverable.