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Pillar 4 - A Tolerance Training Facility


RISE is a Tolerance Training facility.

RISE’s ABA approach to mediate problem behavior is State of the Art – Tolerance Training

Tolerance Training addresses problem behavior through a systematic and strictly sequenced approach of teaching the skill of functional communication (FCT – Functional Communication Training), delay and denial tolerance (Tolerance), and compliance with reasonable adult expectations (Compliance).

1.       The appropriate alternate communication response is taught, reinforced immediately with the same reinforcers that were shown in analysis to be maintaining the problem behavior, while problem behavior is no longer reinforced. 

2.       More developmentally appropriate communications responses are then shaped.

3.       Intermittent delays or denials are introduced.

4.       Child is taught effective response to delays and denials.

5.       Delay tolerance is strengthened.

6.       Variable behavioral expectations are introduced.