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ALL COMMUNICATIONS GO TO: RISE Center for Autism, 1070 W. Houghton Lake Drive, Prudenville, MI 48651

Pillar 1 - Team Supervision

·         BCBA Oversight. 

o    2nd Level of Oversight on Programming and Progress

§  All cases ultimately reviewed and oversighted by a BCBA

o    Multiple supervisor oversight and collaboration on all cases = more access to a supervisor

·         Team Reviews.

o    Monthly team case reviews = more skill onboard

o    Supervisors have direct access to peers to consult and assist each other to better effect

·         Quality Control.

o    3rd Level of Oversight on Programming and Progress

o    4 Checkpoints

§  Direct check to case programming and client progress

§  Inputs quality issues input at supervisor team consults and trainings

§  Checks caseload control

§  Oversights the RISE Quality Feedback System