If you are interested in this job, schedule a TELE-interview here:

If you are interested in this opportunity, schedule a TELE-interview here:

The RISE Center for Autism is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The RISE Center will not discriminate against an employee or an applicant for employment with respect to hiring, tenure, terms, conditions or privileges of employment or with respect to a matter directly or indirectly related to employment in keeping with the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, Public Act 453 of 1976, as amended, being MCL 37.2101 et seq.  and the Michigan Handicapper Civil Rights Act, No. 220 of Public Acts of 1976, as amended, being MCL 37.1101 et seq. and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant hereto.  No otherwise qualified person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or be subject to discrimination in employment or in any programs or activities solely on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, record of arrest without conviction, physical or mental handicap.