2nd Party Billing Policy

RISE does not have the resources to do the complicated billing associated with coordinating benefits when a patient has a secondary insurance payer.  Therefore, RISE does not accept patients who require billing under two or more different policies or payers.

  • Public Only (Medicaid) - We Accept via Referral from CMH
  • Private + Public - We Do Not Accept (Medicaid is a payer of last resort; we cannot coordinate the benefits and we cannot alternately bill the Medicaid patient for the remaining balance)
  • Private Only - We Accept
  • Private + Private - We Accept ONLY if patient agrees to be personally responsible for all balances after the Primary Payer pays.  Patient might submit to their secondary of their own accord.

RISE may require a security retainer for non-public insured patients, replenished and maintained at an amount pre-identified as what will likely be patient responsibility over the subsequent 30 day period.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) (BCN)

Facilities, Courts, CPS (under specific order and authorization for services)

Schools (under contract with ISD under Caring for Students C4S program)