Access to Services


RISE accepts patients contingent on suitable space & qualified staff availability, and may maintain a patient wait list based first-come-first-serve basis, if necessary.  The RISE wait list will include:  
  • Advise to immediate, urgent needs, or time-sensitive clients to seek other services versus waiting on a list for RISE services.
  • Wait List Estimation:  A realistic wait list estimation (not a time or entrance promise):  <3mo; <6mo; <1y; >1y+
  • Peer Referral:  Identification of 1-2 other service providers in the patient region who RISE believes provide quality services.
  • Resource List:  Links to online resources for the parent to educate themselves on ABA and Autism while on the wait list.

How you access ABA services differs with your insurance type.


In Michigan, the public autism benefit is managed by Community Mental Health (CMH).  CMH contracts with and refers cases to service providers, such as the RISE Center, to delivery the therapy.  Therefore, you need to first contact your local CMH for autism intake where they will assist you with assessing and diagnosis, your benefit rights and options, and referral to your ABA provider.  Once we receive the referral from them, we will contact you to set up ABA services.


Private insurance patients should contact RISE directly to inquire as to services, at 989-272-3073 or


We accept private pay through contracted or court ordered organizations.

We will contract with schools to provide ABA services to the school, likely but not necessarily through the ISD and the C4S (caring 4 students) program.