Our Realistic Wait List Estimate (not a time or entrance promise) is: 
1- 6mo 

RISE currently receives patients on a first come, first serve basis contingent on RISE's ability to resource any specific service request in terms of appropriate staffing, requested service times and days, requested space and location availability and suitability, at the time of inquiry.   

If a patient on the wait list is called, they must be ready within one week to begin, or the space will be offered to the next waiting patient.

Our wait list is for in-clinic services only.

  • RISE advises all patients with immediate, urgent, or time sensitive needs to seek other services versus waiting for RISE services, regardless of whether RISE is receiving patients based on time of inquiry or if RISE is keeping a wait list.
    • This includes that patients should be aware that if accepted as a patient of RISE, there is processing time prior 1:1 therapy starting, which can range from 2 weeks to 90 days dependent on the insurance payer and individual circumstances.  
  • Peer Referral:  Please check with the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOMI) and use their "Navigator" to find providers in your area:  https://autismallianceofmichigan.org/
  • Resource List:  Please check with the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOMI) https://autismallianceofmichigan.org/
    • Use their "Neighborhood Directory" to do your own search for providers in your area, Or
    • Use their "Navigator" for personal assistance to Services:  https://autismallianceofmichigan.org/project/minavigator/
    • See their "About Autism" page for information on Autism
    • Their "What we Do" page has great information about activities for autism across Michigan, trainings, resources to assist you, and much more.