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ALL COMMUNICATIONS GO TO: RISE Center for Autism, 1070 W. Houghton Lake Drive, Prudenville, MI 48651

 RISE Autism Technology wants to make ABA VR/AR available to ABA practitioners virtually soon so they can expand their reach to remote areas, dangerous conditions, inside jails, inside schools, etc. This is our demo for our upcoming product - ABA VR/AR software - RISE Reality. In this demo, we are teaching a kiddo to clean up the yard. See the SDs, prompts, and reinforcers. A behavior technician will be on a computer at another location puppeteering the avatar technician. The DTT trial sequences are automated and include sophisticated prompt and reinforcement hierarchies.   This view is what the person wearing the headset and experiencing the VR sees. They can pick things up with the hand controls and follow the directions. Our goal is to revolutionize the antiquated ABA delivery modality by bringing a tool that assists a tele delivery option.