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RISE Summer ABA Day Camp - Wrapping up 2022!

Welp, wrapping up another summer of RISE ABA Summer Day Camp.  We started a simple little something back in 2017 because a little boy we had in service got kicked out of camp due to his behaviors .... and he was honestly hurt and crying.  It killed me.  I just wanted him to feel included and to have the experience, and when I started a little something for this one kiddo, I realized that he wasn't alone.  So we do it every year and at this point it is so blown out that we are booked solid long before summer rolls around, and I get calls from all over Michigan from people trying to get their kids into this camp.  The kids love it.  The staff love it.  Our summer's are fun.  This is the industry to be in if you want to feel good about your work every day.