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School Connections & C4S (Providing ABA inside schools)

Last week the RISE Center reached out to all Michigan ISDs to extend our "School Connections Program", which is our initiative to coordinate with Michigan ISDs to contract with RISE to provide ABA inside their schools, not necessarily limited to Autism.
Michigan began enforcing licensing for individuals practicing ABA in January of 2020, extending also inside schools.  In conjunction with these quality enhancing industry changes, Michigan also recently released the Caring for Students (C4S) program, so schools can now be reimbursed for providing ABA in the school under properly licensed individuals, much like they do for speech and occupational therapy.  C4S is not necessarily limited to children with Autism.  

What this means for  parents with children of any condition with a "medical necessity" for ABA,  is that they can now have their child's ABA delivered inside their school day, if their ISD chooses to offer ABA in their schools.  For ISDs and their schools not equipped with adequate licensed and certified staff, the RISE Center has extended offer to assist!